Storage Solutions

A vertical storage solution can help you work safer, more efficiently, and more cost effectively by maximizing your workspace and the space around it. The biggest challenge in storage is figuring how to maximize your space for an efficient and productive environment. Traditional storage shelving will quickly consume your floor space and lead to clutter and hazardous conditions. Productivity provides several vertical storage solutions.


Since the 1953, Hänel has stood as the worldwide leader in automated records and material handling. Leading manufacturers across the globe depend on Hänel Storage Systems every day to make their businesses more efficient, more productive and profitable.

Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Module - combines storage efficiency and material security in one integrated unit. At the center of the cabinet is a computerized lift called the extractor. In front of, and behind, the extractor are the storage shelves or pans. These are used to store the various articles or materials. Materials can be stored directly on the pans or the pans can be configured with dividers, totes, etc. The storage locations are accessed through the micro-processor controller. At the touch of a button the extractor stores or retrieves the pan requested. Pans are delivered to the operator comfortably at the optimum ergonomic height.

Lean-Lift Advantages:

  • 60% space saved, gain production space without expanding building
  • Efficient material handling
  • Energy efficient with EcoDrive®
  • Fast material retrieval
  • Optimal parts management
  • Protection of stored items
  • Storage and handling if bulky, heavy, or dissimilar sized parts
  • Easily integrated into any ERP system

Rotomat® Storage Carousel – Allows for storage and retrieval of items or documents utilizing the “Ferris wheel” principal Gerhard Hänel developed in 1957.

Rotomat Advantages:

  • Up to 60% more storage capacity
  • Several people can operate multiple carousels simultaneously
  • Short retrieval times
  • Units can be added
  • Decentralized storage right in the production area

Hänel Case Studies

Matsuura Machinery and their Lean-Lift® case study.

A Florida hospital and their Rotomat® case study.

Edrington Whiskey and their Lean-Lift® case study.


Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker have a number of storage solution brands under their umbrella including Vidmar and Lista.


LISTA® has remained committed to their motto "Making Workspace Work" by producing top-class, robust, drawer cabinets found all over the world and in a wide variety of industries.

In 1953, LISTA® (for Leinhard Stahlbau) was manufacturing mopeds but they quickly discovered that market was crowded and changed their focus to the other sector of their business. Workshop, cabinets and office equipment grew quickly over the years. They developed two level shelving systems in 1965, for the automotive business. By 1972, they expand to the United States to become a truly international company. Today, they remain committed to their values with a high quality modular product line offering the highest density storage combined with an almost infinite variety of cabinet footprints and drawer heights.


Storage Cabinets -  15 square feet becomes 5 square feet (65% floorspace savings). Totally modular system.

Mezzanine Systems - Allow for vertical additions to the cabinet system, leveraging dead space above cabinets.




For more than 50 years, Vidmar® has meant heavy-duty storage solutions for heavy-duty applications to customers around the world. Vidmar® introduced the original modular-drawer cabinet by Swiss manufacturer A&R Weidmar in 1954. Years later, in 1966, the Vidmar name was introduced as U.S. manufacturing began in Allentown, PA.

Over the years the demand for efficient, durable storage continue to grow as businesses and industries worldwide become more lean, productive, and efficient. Vidmar® is a common name in many industries around the globe – including military, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, heavy equipment, agricultural, power generation/utilities, government, and many others.


Storage Cabinets -  15 square feet becomes 5 square feet (65% floor space savings). Totally modular system.

Mezzanine Systems - Allow for vertical additions to the cabinet system, leveraging dead space above cabinets.

Storage Wall® Systems – A combination of traditional shelving and cabinets combine for 60% floor space savings.

STAK® System – A racking system for use without a forklift.


Features of the STAK System.

  • Anyone can use it, no forklift
  • Save 50% more space compared to standard pallet racking
  • Low collision risk
  • Cannot overturn
  • No special insurance
  • Low maintenance


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