Valor Holemaking, a division of Harvey Performance Company, proudly presents the pinnacle of cutting-edge craftsmanship. Our mission is to redefine the CNC holemaking experience, surpassing all expectations with our meticulously designed and extensively tested products that have solidified their status as the industry's finest.

Allow us to introduce our exceptional range of high performance drills, specially tailored for 6061 Aluminum and 4140 Steel. With their unrivaled material optimization and innovative geometries, these drills guarantee a virtually risk-free machining process, ensuring unparalleled precision and remarkable end results. At Valor Holemaking, victory is only the beginning.

Valor Tools

Valor Holemaking offers a comprehensive range of premium quality, high-performance drills and holemaking solutions. Their products are meticulously tested, engineered, and manufactured in the USA to ensure the utmost reliability and excellence that your shop deserves. When it comes to drilling, their high-performance drills have undergone rigorous testing and engineering to deliver outstanding results. For countersinking, they have a fully stocked range of American-made tooling specifically designed for CNC countersinking, providing unparalleled precision and efficiency. Their counterboring tools feature a unique flat bottom and cylindrical margin design, allowing for spot facing or counterboring irregular surfaces with ease. When it comes to threading, they offer an extensive selection of coolant-through and solid Multi-Form Thread Mills, giving you unmatched versatility for all your threading needs. Browse our exceptional range below and experience the quality and performance that Valor Holemaking is renowned for.

Valor Holemaking Tools


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