Norton has been a leader in grinding, cutting, blending, finishing and polishing solutions for over 130 years. They are a brand of Saint-Gobain which has been manufacturing building materials since 1665. Norton is committed to offering the most advanced technology and solutions available and are constantly expanding the boundaries of their technology from their Northboro, MA facility. Their 2,200 employees bring years of expertise and are focused on delivering powerful, precise, and user-friendly abrasive solutions to any material working application.

Wire Brush Abrasives

Norton offers a wide range of wire brushes, featuring an array of shapes and configurations to suit your needs. Their collection includes cups, saucer cups, wheels, end brushes, and hand brushes. You can find these brushes in various designs such as standard and full cable twist knot, crimped, and stringer bead styles. Click the link to find your solution.

Norton Wire Brush

Buffing and Polishing

Norton, a renowned and trusted brand in the industry, offers a comprehensive range of top-notch polishing and buffing solutions. Their extensive product line includes an array of high-quality pads and buffs, carefully crafted to deliver exceptional results on various surfaces. With Norton, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect tools to achieve a flawless finish. Click below to find your solution.

Buffing and Polishing

Coated and Non-Woven Abrasives

Norton proudly presents a diverse range of top-quality abrasive solutions, both coated and non-woven. Their extensive selection includes a wide array of options such as discs, belts, rolls, cones, spiral bands, wheels, stars, and screens. Find you solution below.

Stones, Bricks and Files

Norton rubbing bricks and files are ideal for a wide range of heavy-duty applications, offering exceptional performance and reliability. They excel in tasks such as rubbing floors, effectively cleaning and scouring castings, efficiently rubbing down concrete surfaces, and effortlessly removing stubborn mold marks.

Handheld Abrasives

Grinding and Cutoff

Norton Cut-off wheels offer unmatched speed and comfort during cuts, delivering exceptional durability and outperforming competitors. These tools are perfect for metal fabrication, maintenance, and various industrial applications. The precision grinding wheels consistently produce accurate finishes, meeting strict geometry tolerances. They are widely used in cutting-edge industries, including cutting tools, automotive components, and aerospace parts. Click the link below to explore our range of high-quality grinding and cutoff wheels that cater to your needs.

Grinding and Cutoff

Mounted Points and Burrs

Norton's caps, points and burrs come in a variety of shapes and materials including vitrified bond, resin bond, cotton fiber, and center lap points. 

  • Vitrified bond mounted points give a cool cut for less burn
  • Resin bond for fast stock removal and 2X faster than aluminum oxide
  • Cotton fiber used to blend and polish stainless steel
  • Center lap mounting points are used on Excell-O center lap machines

Mounted Points and Burrs

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