3M has been a leader in innovation for over a hundred years. Starting with the manufacturing of sandpaper in 1910 to the creation of tapes and adhesives in the 20’s and 30’s to the development of today’s personal safety equipment, the 3M brand has been synonymous with abrasives, adhesives, and PPE. Productivity carries the full line of PPE, abrasives and adhesives for all of your industrial supply needs.


3M abrasives are the finest in the industry and it all started back in 1905. From grinding to polishing, 3M abrasives have every application covered. Click the link below for your desired applicator.

Adhesives & Tapes

3M is a world leader in adhesive technology and holds many patents for their products. Structural adhesives including acrylic, epoxy, and urethane can hold over 1,000 psi in overlap shear strength and provide the highest load-bearing strength and environmental resistance. 3M invented masking tape in 1925 and Scotch cellophane tape in 1930. Since then, they have continued to be an innovator in tape technology. Whatever the application, 3M has the right tape for you. Click the link below for your desired applicator.

Personal Protection Equipment

3M manufactures PPE products from the most basic to the most specialized. Productivity has a full line of breathing, ear, eye, and fall protective equipment. Click below to browse your application.


3M has a wide variety of lubrication depending on your application. From general purpose, mold release, or penetrants you will find is below. Click the link to browse our selection.

3M Lubricants


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